Hey Guys!
I have something crazy planned for my female sneaker community very soon! To launch this dope movement I will be dropping something called the TSGKMysteryBox! I cannot leak any information right now, but im sure you all will enjoy it.
The anticipated drop date of the mystery box will be August 20th and I will release the 3 Boxes August 28th on my birthday!
Stay Tuned! There is so much planned! :)

What If.... You never got into the shoe game?

I get this question a lot and i always have the same response. What many people that follow me now don't know is exactly what my life consisted of prior to my sneaker addiction.

I have always had a love for sneakers, but I never knew that there was a community that showed a different type of admiration and they called themselves "sneakerheads". If i was never introduced to this community i think i would be living in Chicago right now. I would most likely be dancing at Lou Cante with Trae Turner, working at Overtime and Lina Pizza, and going to community college. 

As i always say "Everything happens for a reason." The sneaker community opened a lot of doors for me. It introduced me to a ton of new and diverse people, it boosted my communication skills and confidence, it gave me a future goal to look forward to, etc. If i didnt start collecting I wouldn't have the motivation to own my own business, and to be honest I have no idea what I would've wanted to do with my future. 

The sneaker community is very special to me. Its not just the idea of collecting, but its the people, the opportunities, and the future it gave me. This is just a hobby for many, and there is a select few that want to make a future out of it, and if you are the one that wants to make a future out of it you have to understand that there is a ton of competition. It all comes down to who you know, what you have, and who rocks with you. It can be a cut throat community but you have to remain strong and have tough skin.

I hope this was a good read and made you think of what YOU would've been doing if you never got into collecting sneakers. Feel free to comment below with some good What If ideas or some topics you are interested in getting my point of 

I want to start doing what if topics on the blog. I will be posting a what if post on my Instagram and I will choose 2-3 what ifs to blog about daily. That will also follow regular postings about numerous topics.

If you're  not follow me on instagram already go ahead and follow at @thatshoegirlkaty. This will make it easier for me to post daily, and it will also be more entertaining rather than just posting random posts!

I want this to be a place for the ladies to come and have something to relate to, but I also want it to be a good read for you throught your day!

This will beginning tonight!

First post coming soon!!

Hey lovelies!
I was in the car today and I couldn't help but to think about a certain topic....
The topic that kept striking me was this.... Am I a collector or am I just an overly obsessed consumer? I thought of this when I was thinking of different ways people purchase and maintain their collections. Tomorrow I am going to come at y'all with the post explaining in full detail what I believe each mean and the differences in both. Also I plan to make a YouTube video discussing this topic as well because I feel like it can be something very interesting to talk about...

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! I will catch yall tomorrow!

Love, ThatShoegirlKaty!
Good afternoon everyone!
This blog post is piggybacking off of the previous blog post talking about the alternatives to camping out. As the titles shows there are a few options for store to take. Most cooperate stores such as Foot Locker, Champs, Foot Action, etc are going to have to take the raffle and RSVP option. Mom and Pop shops and boutiques can really take any approach that they please. Lets get more in depth of each option and the positives and the negatives of each.

Raffles: When I think of raffles i feel as if this is the most far of all of the options given. As a person who has won a raffle before (Lebron 10 MVP in Miami) I feel as if that system is great as long as it isn't flawed. As we all know the workers could rig the auction or do some shady things behind closed doors. Unfortunately there is no way to truly know if the company is being loyal and fair to the people entering the raffle. 

Twitter RSVP & RSVP Bots: I personally hate the twitter RSVP option. After I found out people were buying programs to cheat the system i realized maybe Nike should've thought of a better approach. If you all do not know what an autobot is i will post a video below from @zayaX so you know what it is. Basically it is a robot in your computer that allows you to chose your size, adds to card, inserts credit card info, and checks out in less than 3 seconds sometimes. That is obviously physically impossible for a regular consumer to beat. Am i bashing people who use the Bot? Absolutely not. Do I think it is the best alternative to camping out? Absolutely not!

Connects: You hear it all the time sneakerheads all over are always talking about "oh my conner can get me this or that." The funny part of that is I hear the most people saying this while standing in line for their pairs! Then i ask myself..."What happened to your connect?" This basically is referring to back dooring sneakers for a little cut. Lets say you want a size run and you tell the manager at a boutique or a local Finish Line you will break them off with $500 on top if they give you what you want. I do not agree with this at all. It is unfair and quite sure some cooperate stores can in fact loose their accounts this way!

Auctions: I have only seen this done at one boutique back in Chicago. If i was rich i would absolutely love this system, but i am not! This basically favors to the person with the highest income. I don't feel this option is fair for the community as a whole.There is not much more to say regarding this option. 

As you all see no matter which option you choose there is going to be flaws or at least possible flaws. Lets ask ourselves this question: What if we owned out own boutique, which option would be choose and if not any of these what would your option be?" I am going to give you guys the procedure i would take if i had a shop that got all of the hottest releases.

Scavenger Hunt or Social Media Contest.

You all may be looking at this and saying, "This girl is crazy that will never work." Fortunately I am a risk taker and I am all about fairness. To be these options are the most fair and add a little something to the community that is slowly fading. That something that is slowly fading is literally the hunt, the love, and the stories we make with our sneakers. If you know me I am all about making a story with my sneakers and giving back to the community. Are there flaws? Of course! Not everyone has social media and not everyone can take time off to make a scavenger hunt. Is it fair? I believe this is as fair as it gets without having to pay over retail for your sneakers.

You never know i may have my own shop sooner than later and you will hear about a ThatShoegirlKaty Scavenger Hunt or Instagram pic contest for your pair at my store! Let me know what you guys think! Is this a good idea or a bad idea? Do you guys prefer to camput or do you prefer one of the options listed above?!

With Love, 

As you all may or may not know there was a tragic incident that happened this past weekend in Atlanta (ATL) in front of a store called WISH. According to the news and all of the articles that I have been reading regarding this incident, a man that has been in the area had the intention to rob the people waiting in line for the Lebron 10 "Denims". In hopes to get their money, he was unsuccessful because a local shot and killed the robber  before he had the chance to do so.

I am not writing this blog to be a newscaster but rather a concerned member in the sneaker community. As we all know this habit that we have can be pretty expensive and with all of this hype the average consumer is starting to now notice how valuable sneakers can be. Sneakerheads in the past two years have been putting the spotlight on ourselves in a not so positive ways. From rushing Foot Locker Doors, the galaxy release in orlando, etc. Do we want to be known as collectors or savages and money hungry individuals? 

The main concern I have with this event is the fact that camping out for sneakers is going to be possible banned in the near future. This makes me upset because camping is so much more than sitting outside like a homeless in order to get a pair of sneakers. I love the feeling of sitting out all night sharing crazy sneaker stories and bouncing ideas off of other collectors. Many say that camping out for sneakers is wack and only for people with no connects, but I brush all of that off. I seriously love to camp and sometimes I show up to campout when I don't even get the shoe, I am simply there to just link up with other collectors have have a good time. 

If we cant campout for sneakers anymore than that means that all stores will resort to raffles, backdooring sneakers, auctions, etc. All of these options are safe but are just not the same. There is no memory or work put in with any of those options. In my next blog post I will be talking about the positives and negatives of all of the alternates to camping out. I will also include my very own alternative if I was to own my own boutique and run the releases as I please. 
Stay Tuned!!

With Love, 

Hey guys! This past weekend I put in crazy work to cop our 4 pairs of Lebron 10 Denims. Myself and the hubby @ZayaX0712 have been doing raffles for the sneaker community. Some people bash us because they believe that we want to get mass profit and what not. To be honest we would be getting that profit off the sneaker either way. Our idea behind raffling off highly limited sneakers it to give EVERYONE a chance at winning the sneakers. We understand that not everyone has sometimes $500, $900, $4,000 to throw at us but they do have $16, $20, $30 to enter a raffle. You can see it how you want but we are just trying to give back to the community and spread more positivity. 

We showed up at Florida Mall Wednesday night and due to the fact that we wanted to give the winner the opportunity to get their own size we HAD to MAKE SURE we were in fact the VERY FIRST people in line. SOOO we ended up staying that night all the way to Saturday morning when House Of Hoops opened. This was actually the longest campout that I have done thus far. Even though there was some ill moments, all in all,l I had a great time. There is just something that excites me about being around people who love what I do. The conversations never get boring and the people around you actually understand the madness behind some of your stories! 

When I got home on Saturday morning the first thing on my mental was getting as much sleep as possible! When I woke up later that afternoon I was scrolling down my newsfeed on Instagram and saw something that seriously broke my heart. I will be writing my next blog on the situation that occurred at WISH, a sneaker boutique located in Atlanta, Georgia. 

I hope those who wanted the sneaker got them and if you didn't I wish you happy hunting. If you are a size 10,10.5,11 you can head over to EaseTheCrave.BigCartel.Com and cop your pair. Keep in mind that we were out there for three days and gave a pair away on top of that. I hope everyone has a great rest of their Sunday, and as always thanks for keeping up with That Shoegirl Katy!

With Love,

p.s. Photo above is not mine. I was not able to find the owner to give credit.

Below is a video of the giveaway that myself and ZayaX hel

Hey guys! This past weekend I went to Sneaker Con Atlanta! I had a blast and got to meet some amazing people!

This topic is very interesting to me and I want to get your opinion on it...


If you are a sneaker lover you know exactly what I'm talking about! A buy sell trade event such as sneaker con, solefest, sneaker friends, windycitysole summit,etc. we all full random venues in our city to experience them.

While I was driving home from Sneaker Con Atlanta someone brought up an interesting topic. They were talking about how this sneaker com is always one of the best events that they attend thought the year. They notice that some of the other events in their area are only concerned with filling the cheapest venue they find just to make a quick buck. I must say I can agree to the fullest extent!

The best event I have EVER went to is called Sneak N Eat and it is held in Chicago. I believe this event is so successful and different because you can tell they really care about the value of people's admission money. There is a DJ, live performers, a variety of sneaker displays, food, liquor, and Nike themselves even comes to give the people in the event a sneak peek of items releasing in the near future. I wish there were more events as such.

Alright enough of me blabbing! Let me know what you guys think! What is the hottest event yall have been to?! Rep your city and let us know how your sneaker community throws events!

With Love,
Hey guys!
I you all didn't know by now myself and ZayaX the hubby are holding a raffle for the What The MVP Lebron 10s that we won. I must say I never knew that doing something positive in the community could be so tiresome and complicated. So many questions and just negativity that I have been experiencing. 

Many ask why we just don't sell them flat out. I am going to answer that question here. We got offers for $1000, $3000, even $1000 plus Blink Yeezy 1 plus South Beach 8s. We gladly turned them down. Why  you ask? It's Simple! We both know that anyone with a ton of many can throw cash in our face and that seems unfair to those that may not have thousands to give us. This raffle is only $30 so it gives the average person father, teenager, student, grandfather, etc the ability to have a chance at SUCH a limited sneaker. 

When i get so much negative feedback i think two things. I think first, "How can someone be upset about paying $30 to potentially winning a $3000 sneaker?" Then I think, "If you don't like the idea of a raffle or think its a waste WHY EVEN PARTICIPATE?!" We are not making anyone to enter, it is on your own time and interest. 

I just wanted to write this to make sure that everyone knew the reason why we are holding this raffle because many seem to be bitter, confused, and just all around negative. I hope this cleared some things up for everyone and I cant wait to choose the winner on Saturday at Midnight! The stickers are limited so make sure you head to EaseTheCrave.BigCartel.Com or the "RAFFLE" Tab on this blog above that will lead you to the site.

I want to wish all the best of luck and I cant wait to bless someone with this sneaker!! 

With Love,

This past Sunday myself, @zayax, @sirslimealot, and a local consignment shop Sneakerbully teamed up to bring something NEW to the Orlando sneaker community. We noticed that there are a TON of sneaker events out there and most seem to be doing the SAME things. You pay a $15 fee at the door, and you see releases from the past 8 months. Not to mention half the time it's in a dark room and sometimes extremely hot! We all sit here and complain about these kind of events, so we decided to take the steps to bring something different to the table for the sneaker community. We thought up an event that goes by the name Sole Sunday.

Our main goal with Sole Sunday is to have people talk, network, chill, and just enjoy the passion we all share under one roof. We also want to use that time at the event to recognize some local collectors that put so much hard work and dedication into their collection. We do this by asking two collectors from the area to display at the boutique that we choose. The main reason behind this is because we notice that the SAME people always get recognized for their collections. It souldn't matter how many followers you have or the size of your collection. It should simply be about your passion and love for the community and that is who we chose to put in the lime light.   This past Sole Sunday was held at Sneaker Bully (45 West Crystal Lake Street #183 Orlando, Fl 32806). We had collection displays by our very own OG Edwin and our homeboy Benny Blanco (Instagram: bennyblanco82). Below will be pictures of both collectors as well as their collections! 

Sole Sunday is basically a way to meet new people, give boutiques state to state recognition, expose collectors to other collectors, etc. We have plans to bring Sole Sunday not only to the FLorida area but also to states all around the United States. New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, and Boston are cities that we plan to hit next. If you live in these areas and know of boutiques that would be interested in a Sole Sunday event to come their way contact ThatShoegirlKaty at (thatshoegirlkaty94@gmail.com).

THE NEXT SOLE SUNDAY WILL BE HELD JUNE 30, 2013.LOCATION: SNEAKER BULLY (45 West Crystal Lake Street #183 Orlando, Fl 32806)

All photos below were taken by Alex A.K.A. @sirslimealot